Sunday, 9 October 2011

Back in the saddle

After a very busy five plus weeks I finally have some time to tell you what I have been up to. In my last post I talked of a new job that I couldn't really talk about. Well not only has that been and gone I have done a wealth of other things too, so now I will bring you up to speed.

The job I was so excited about was 3 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS SPECIALS !!! Now you can see why I was beside myself. Two of the shows are to be on British TV around Xmas time and the third to follow later in 2012. I really hope my friends around the globe don't have too long to wait as they are such a treat.
Jennifer is truly on form the scripts are hilarious and the cast were superb. All the favourites are back and we know them so well, just a look from one of them has you cracking up it is brilliant. 

The costumes of course are outrageous, Edina is still getting it so wrong, particularly as she continues to insist that she is sample size. Bubble is as colourful and bonkers as ever. I have to be so careful about what I say so I really can't go in to too much detail but while we were shooting on location the paparazzi found us so I can share one of those shots with you if you haven't already seen it.

The day this was taken we spent a lot of time dodging the rain, It was August for God's sake and it was torrential. I did get to spend some time sheltering in the Stella McCartney shop though as we were allowed to use her changing room for a costume change. I don't think I am breaking any taboos in saying the lady herself pops up in one episode as well as her shop.

So although I can't tell you much more until they are broadcast have a look at Mo Gaffney's amusing blog. She is the very funny American actress who plays Bo. It was very weird having another Mo around. Every time the director called her name I would step forward expectantly then slink back embarrassed into the shadows. After transmission I will tell you all about the contraption I made from two pairs of spanx and the fun I had with metres and metres of African fabric.

During this time I was also working back at English National Ballet. We were preparing costumes for their Autumn season. This mean't methodically picking through rails and rails of costumes and going over them with a fine tooth comb. Examining every fastening, seam, stitch and piece of decoration for signs of wear and tear. Painstaking work but lovely to be sat around big tables catching up with my ballet pals. Hope you are having a good tour ladies.

I also managed to fit in a couple of days work as a daily on two comedy shows for Tiger Aspect. Grandma's house is written by and starring Simon Amstell. I haven't seen the first series but apparently it is very funny. I wasn't on set at all during this I was mostly helping to set up the wardrobe in the Elstree studios. So not much interesting to say I'm afraid except they all seemed like rather nice people. The seceond day was on a new production written by Kathy Burke called Walking and Talking. It looks very good and will be on Sky. No idea when though. I was there to help with a scene full of extras dressed as punks and teddy boys. It was a very funny scene although we did battle with the elements there too. What a shit summer we have had in this country.

Now things have slowed down a little and I am currently working at just the one job. Having been head of wardrobe for the last three years on the Strictly come dancing tour, I asked to be involved in the TV show this year. I am thoroughly enjoying myself as both cast and crew are lovely. I will start taking some pictures soon. The show days  are quite manic and when it comes to comparing the TV show to the tour I can honestly say it is the same but different!!!

Now that I have a bit more free time I am about to start on some projects of my own. The lovely flat we moved into in March is still missing curtains in the lounge and I have plans for some unusual draft excluders as it is time to get winter proof. So if anyone here has made a draft excluder before did you try rice or just fabric fillings?

Back soon