Friday, 5 August 2011

Turkish Delight quickie

Spent a wonderful day at West Wittering
  recently and well I couldn't resist could I? Sitting among the sand dunes, I found a brief window between my paddling and sunbathing to pose for a Turkish delight inspired photo.  

The real thing
Mmm sun melted chocolate, maybe not!
I didn't quite manage the enigmatic expression as I was giggling but apart from the lack of make up and bright sunshine not a bad effort I reckon. What do you think? Maybe I shouldn't ask.

Do not fear proper costume related posts will return very soon, the Autumn looks to be shaping up quite nicely work wise. I found a few nice things in Chichesters charity shops while we were in the area so I will share those soon as well.

The original Turkish delight advert is here check out the Sheik, the wind machine gets a little lively and one point and his face is almost smothered . Pure class I tell you.


  1. Yay!! The Turkish Delight post!!!
    I love it! I reckon the sun melted choccie would have been fabulous all over your chin!! Tee hee!

  2. Hahaha, brilliant! Mmm, fry's turkish delight is weird stuff, pink jelly with bendy chocolate - my mum loves it.


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