Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Moving on

My last post was in the midst of the London riots. I was in rather a state of shock and had no words to express myself. So I chose a few of the uplifting pictures that appeared. As we all know things have calmed down now, I am still a little jumpy when I hear the distant sirens but life is pretty much back to normal. Although the root causes of the disturbances haven't gone away and much has to be done to stop this happening again. We were lucky in my area that only a few local shops were looted, a couple of friends had it right outside their doors.

I stayed in the flat during this time, I still can't understand why so many people turned it into a spectator sport and went out to have a look, it's beyond me. Anyway on the Wednesday I was doing another photo shoot for the Old Vic which was due to finish around 10pm. So I had no choice but to be out. Happily it was right by Waterloo (in fact in the Waterloo tunnels) and I live right by a station so no walking through dark streets to get home. As we were packing up at the end of the shoot I had a message from the fella, he had come to meet me and escort me home, my hero. 

So back to the shoot, it was a follow up to the Robert Sheehan shoot we did a few weeks ago. This time with the three main cast members, lovely Robert again, Ruth Negga and Niamh Cusack. The other difference was that this time I was to source the costumes. I went to Cosprop which is an amazing costume hire place on Holloway Road. I met with Lynette Mauro who is the costume supervisor for the play, she was there working on another production. We had a meeting where she showed me reference pictures and explained the look her and the designer wanted to achieve. Lynette's knowledge of the miles (no exaggeration ) of rails meant she was able to show me the best places to look. So armed with the actors measurements, a tape measure and my list of items off I went.

view from a mezzanine 
view from a very tall ladder amidst the Edwardian jackets

Robert was to wear the same costume as before, this had come from Angels, another huge establishment often used for films and TV as well as theatre. So all I needed for Robert was a couple of choices of jacket, heavy wool style quite long was the brief. These I found in the Edwardian department.

For Ruth and Niamh I needed corsets, chemises, petticoats, blouses, skirts and work style boots. Niamh was also to have aprons and shawls.

distracted by negligees while searching for aprons

A couple of hours later I had amassed several choices for Lynette to look over. Happily she approved my selection and arrangements were made to hire the costumes in time for the shoot.
Cosprop is an amazing place and John Bright the costume designer who founded the company won an Oscar for 'A room with a view' plus several other nominations. I was wardrobe manager on a Chekov play he designed with Kristen Scott Thomas several years ago at the Playhouse on the Embankment. His knowledge of period detail is astounding.

The shoot itself went very well, it was the same team who had produced the previous shoot a very pleasant bunch. The actors were in the first week of rehearsals so buoyed up with ideas. Putting an actress in a corset for the first time can be hard but both these ladies had worn them before and the rest of the costumes I chose all fitted perfectly so I was a happy bunny. 

down in the Waterloo tunnels

I can't show any finished pictures until the professional shots are on display so here is the set up, not very glamorous but the wall has wonderful texture.

In other news I dreamt about many of the vintage loving bloggers I read last night, frustratingly I can't remember much detail but I believe we had fun and we may have been in Australia. What a fabulous meet up that would be!

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  1. The riots were terrible, weren't they? Glad you kept yourself safe. The setting for the shoot looks awesome, very dark and atmospheric.


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