Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I'm so excited

I am so excited about the job I start tomorrow but I can't tell you anything about it!
Except that it is TV and a few specials of what was a very popular sit com not so long ago.
I don't think I will be allowed to post anything until after transmission.
Sorry sweetie darling!


  1. ooooo what a teaser of a post! ;O) Good luck!

  2. But the next line is "and I just can't hide it".....eeek,torture!

  3. Very excited for you, can't wait for the reveal. Good luck. xxx

  4. oh im so so Jealous have a fabulous time darling. (Vicki)x

  5. Hi there-very best of luck it sounds so exciting!! Loved your comment too, it made me laugh-I must admit I wasn't as impressed with Deal as I was with the Orient Express, but it was a fabulous day overall! Have a great week x

  6. Oooh sounds exciting, surely you can tell us now? xx


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