Saturday, 30 July 2011

R & R in Brighton

Work is always a little quiet in the summer and so I have been having a few trips away. Recently the fella and I took up a good friends offer of use of her flat in Brighton while she was away. I'm so lucky to have such generous friends. Of course while I was there I had to explore the Lanes, the vintage and charity shops. The glasses above where 50p in a charity shop and they go perfectly with my floral 60's dress that I haven't manage to get a picture of yet. That night I saw fabulous Helga was sporting the same pair on her blog, styling them up beautifully as always. They are great fun but the lenses are so dark the moment I step in the shade it is like someone has turned the lights out!

silly pose but the best way to feature the sleeves.

I took my 60's kaftan with me too for lounging around the flat and shouting at the noisy seagulls.
My fella and I love browsing the secondhand bookshops and this was my haul. A mahoosive marlene Dietrich biography, one of Gary Cooper and Sarah Bernhardt and a paperback about all the Fondas. It will be a while until I start reading these though as I am currently on the first chapter of a huge Charlie Chaplin autobiography. It's funny I'm not the slightest bit interested in current celeb lives but the stars of yesteryear fascinate me. Particularly the women, being independent successful career women in those days they were real trailblazers. Although the manipulation of their lives by the studios and the worlds expectations of women in those days put limits on their independence. 

The fella has a large library of books for research for his clockmaking business and is always on the look out for new material. We visited Colin Page 3 days in a row and at one point they let us into their storage space around the back and just left us there.  It was amazing, floor to ceiling shelves and piles of the most amazing books. Absolute heaven.

So apart from the screeching seagulls at stupid o clock in the morning we had a lovely time. We are off again this weekend on a tour of relatives and friends, can't wait. 


  1. Lovely to have a read. nice one MO.Love Jane. PS Great to see you yesterday, have a nice trip.x

  2. You are looking fabulous in your kaftan, my dear! have a splendid weekend. x

  3. Thanks for popping over and leaving your thoughts.I've only read this post so far but I'm going to follow as I think it's going to be interesting. Will browse through your other posts too.(I read *a lot* of blogs,some would say addicted, but I see them as online magazines!)x

  4. Super kaftan! And those glasses are the cat's meow!

  5. You look amazing in your kaftan, so glam! x

  6. You look like Isadora Duncan in your kaftan- you look great - just found your blog, i love it -



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