Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Look style the nation

I had an interesting days work on Saturday at a TV studio in Middlesex. I haven't worked in TV much at all so it is always interesting to me. The programme as the title to this post suggests was New Look style the nation. Myself and a colleague were brought in to help the existing wardrobe team with some quick changes near the end of the programme. Working in a live environment this  is our forte so we were quietly confident that all would go well. There were a lot of stressed out people in headsets but then i suppose that is the nature of live TV. The show did appear to my untrained eyes to go quite well though and everyone seemed happy once it was over. 

The final line up
It is if you haven't seen it a make over show for up and coming stylists. The winner Sara seemed a popular choice amongst the crew and was very profuse with her thanks to all around afterwards which was very nice to see. I have never worked with models before (unless you count Kate Moss's appearance on a Little Britain comic relief show but we swapped a smile and that was it so it doesn't really count does it) They were all very young and gorgeous, quite friendly and jolly too considering the early start. My call was 7.30am but the production team had started at 5am, Ouch!

Ha, thats me leaning on a rail in the background, how professional.

We didn't have to do an awful lot during the show but when our crucial quick changes came we managed very well and the models were ready in plenty of time for there entrance. I really would like to try a bit more TV work and this show gave me a taste for fashion too, I wonder where does London fashion week get its catwalk dressers from ???


  1. I caught a bit of this this morning, but the sight of Henry Holland and Jaime Winstone made me turn over quite quickly.

    I've done a bit of Fashion Week dressing, it's a bit erratic but I'd be happy to give them your name and number next time (if there is a next time!!). Good fun too!! xx

  2. I've caught a couple of these, enjoyed the stylist bit and thought Giles Deacon was an absolute sweetheart. x

  3. Sounds fascinting work, I guess there would be less travelling with t.v. work too?

  4. Ooo, I don't think we get this show.
    I reckon fashion shoes probably get model and designer hopefuls to do the dressing.....I wonder,though?


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