Thursday, 28 July 2011

English National Ballet and the Roland Petit triple bill

picture from The Independent on line

I was back at the Coliseum recently for a very special triple bill from English National Ballet. Roland Petit was a very famous french choreographer. I had only recently heard of him when I read Margot Fonteyn's biography. You can read about him from more knowledgable sources than me but safe to say he was always ahead of his time. Sadly he died the week before ENB's tribute. The three pieces were l’arlesienne, Le Jeune Homme et la Mort and Carmen. All three had a man tormented by love or a lover so rather depressing really by beautiful none the less.

The above pictures are all from Carmen the most colourful of the three pieces. The corsets were all slightly different in some detail or other. I didn't get the chance to take many photos  but there are some beautiful ones here and here.

I did manage a couple of snaps of my lovely colleagues though. Above you can see Gemma and in the corner up to her elbows in suds in Bryony who features in a similar picture in a previous post . She doesn't spend all her time at the sink and I shall remedy that with more pictures next time we work together (if she lets me). Gemma who is seen spot cleaning make up off the male dancers shirts is the friend I mentioned before who worked on THAT WEDDING DRESS. Every time it comes up in conversation she lets slip another interesting fact about the whole process, it's fascinating. Also she kept the secret so well, even when just a week before we had a bet on how long the train would be, Gemma bluffed her way through it. The skills Gemma has from her time at the Royal college of needlework are astounding. Her invisible mending leaves me open mouthed and when we were shopping in China with swan lake she could pick the genuine antique hand embroidery from the machined copies that were mixed in.

So I leave you now with Gemma wrapping the rails as the triple bill was packed up and put away until the next time.

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  1. Gemma is amazingly talented, lovely and all good things. Was lovely working with you again xx


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