Friday, 17 June 2011

Mamma Mia I'm in an office!

I'm still putting in a full week in the Mamma Mia costume office. This makes a nice change from working in a venue plus I get to have my weekends and evenings free like normal people. There are many productions of the show going on across the globe at any one time and as with most commercial productions the artistic ethos of the show is kept very tight. If you have put your heart and soul into a production you are not likely to let any Tom, Dick or Harry put on an inferior production and ruin your hard work. so the London office keeps a tight reign on all productions.

the fabric stock

Today I have been doing some prep work for the upcoming Paris re cast. Mostly cutting suit fabrics for the wedding scene to send to the costume maker. Then putting together the bible,  In the bible we have pictures of the cast, measurements and samples of the fabrics there costumes are made from. As well a photos of the designs and who they are allocated to.

measurement sheet
There are a lot of measurements needed as the costumes vary so much. There are dresses, suits, swimsuits, hats, shoes, wetsuits and flippers. Most things are made with a few exceptions being bought from the high street, like bikini tops and shorts. The shoes are mostly made as the dancing requires strong  secure footwear. It is a huge show and the attention taken over every detail shows on stage. The new cast had there first show on Monday, it looked amazing and they were knock out. If you have never seen Mamma Mia or fancy seeing it again now is the time. This cast are truly special, lovely natural acting. I hadn't seen the show since I last toured with it 5 or 6 years ago and loved every minute of it.


  1. So busy!!! But so exciting! I've only seen the Mamma Mia movie,but have heard the stage show is terrific! Do you get cross when cast memebers change their measurements?!xxx

  2. I was going to ask the same as Helga! How annoying if someone loses or gains weight.
    I loved Mama Mia the film, such fun. xxx


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