Sunday, 26 June 2011


Still from the film The Dresser with Albert Finney & Tom Courtenay

just had to share with you this wonderful article from the New York Times. My friend Nicky Burford who has just finished the Britain's Got Talent TV show and tour brought it to my attention. I would like to add though that dressers in the UK get half the wage of their American counterpart so often have to take  a second job too!


  1. There aren't so many 'career' dressers over here, I think. Because the pay and treatment is so variable (and, at times, lousy. Always a pleasure at ENB though...).

    It's definitely the other way around for me, dressing is my 'second' job.

  2. The wages over here are so unfair!

    I must watch The Dresser again xx


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