Tuesday, 31 May 2011

It's been a ridiculously long time since my last post. I have been working on the cast change at Mamma Mia and time is just flying by. I have been involved in sending fabrics to costume makers and shopping for some of the bought costumes. There isn't much to photograph or talk about right now so I thought I would share some of the delights I see on my way to work.

  I have a relatively easy commute to the centre of London and walk through Trafalgar square.
Most mornings there is a gentleman with two Harris hawks keeping the square clear of pigeons. They are the most stunning of creatures and swoop low over the crowds eliciting squeals from the school girl tourists.

They put a real smile on my face, unlike the ugly 2012 countdown clock. Although as a clockmakers girlfriend I would say that.


  1. Ooh I didn't know there was a hawk-flyer in Trafalgar Square! That is really cool. The 2012 clock is pretty ugly I agree, and I'm not a clockmaker's girlfriend x

  2. Harris Hawks in Trafalgar Square? I thought we were pretty special having the owl man at the car boot sale! xxx

  3. How fabulous are the hawks?

    Does your boyfriend know how to fix watches? I have a thirties(?) silver pocket watch that I need to get mended, don't suppose he'd have a clue where I should take it? xx


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