Sunday, 17 April 2011

Swan lake at the Coliseum

swan headdresses

Not long after I was home from the Strictly tour I had another great weeks work with English National Ballet again. It was their production of swan Lake playing at the Coliseum on St Martins Lane once again. This time around I was helping look after the female members of the company. In recent times I have been solely with the men so it made a refreshing change. Mind you getting those wide tutus up those narrow staircases to the dressing rooms is quite a challenge I can tell you. 

A casting for 2 shows

We set up the show everyday by putting the correct costumes in the correct dressing rooms. Sounds obvious I know but as the roles are played by different people almost every show, costumes are moved around accordingly. I have touched on this before in a previous post here. The above paperwork shows a casting for Act 3 over 2 shows. Some names have been changed as the casting altered and there are some numbers relating to certain costumes.

During the show I spent much of my time refurbishing some Neapolitans headdresses. A very fiddly job but satisfying when finished.

tutu boxes awaiting packing

These tutu boxes are situated on a ramp and I had a comedy moment where I nearly toppled inside one as we were packing up at the end of the week. The last night was indeed unusual as the anti cuts protests were happening outside. We were vaguely aware of what was going on but it wasn't until we couldn't get near Charing cross station due to missiles being thrown that we realized the extent of what was happening. Glad to say we all got home safe and sound eventually.

At times ENB open rehearsals to the public and this production was one of them. Liberty London girl wrote a review of her visit to the rehearsal here


  1. Just one question, why does the casting change all the time??

  2. So interesting to see these kinds of pics. I saw the most recent production and it was wonderful, though I didn't like the magicians cape! Think the Royal Ballet has a better ball scene, but the English Ballet has superior swans xx


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