Thursday, 14 April 2011

Strictly wound up

I have been laid up with the Lurgy all week, not good when you are a freelancer but i am finely starting to feel better so I have found some energy for a quick post.

I thought it was time I wrapped up my Strictly posts and moved on to pastures new. So here is a little more about Pamela who very kindly posed for me. Along with my last few nice photos of some of the rest of the cast.

This elegant dress really suited Pamela. The black and red are classic tango colours, I love the red frill down the centre back of the skirt. This was also an easy dress to maintain, it could be hand-washed gently when necessary.

James had a velvet waistcoat with a red back and a red tie to compliment Pamela. They looked fabulous, the dance was pretty hot too!

And now some warm and fuzzy pictures.

Kara & Artem

Ricky & Natalie in Glasgow in case you weren't sure

Jimi & Kristina

It was such a lovely cast and crew to tour with this year. There was the usual grumbles and politics that I won't go into but all in all a great tour.

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