Monday, 4 April 2011

Stretching Strictly

Before I get into my stride here I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the lovely comments I have been getting about the blog. I adore reading blogs myself and am so happy that people find what I have to say interesting. So thank you once again.

Natalie Lowe
The gorgeous Natalie Lowe was partnered with the equally lovely Ricky Whittle for this years tour. They had danced together previously were a stunning couple on the floor. This Jade dress was for their tango. It was a stretch lace with stoning. Towards the end of the tour the weight and stretch had made the whole dress drop. So we had to shorten it. Luckily it had a raw edge hem so it was just a matter of carefully cutting the scalloped edge off a couple of inches higher and the dress was back to its original length.

Gorgeous Zoe Ball

Zoe Ball was our fabulous host this year and opened the show in a dance with the professionals. This meant that she had to have a classy looking frock that she could move easily in. Vicky Gill created this column dress with a huge split up the back and batwing sleeves. We concealed 2 mic packs in the small of her back on an elastic belt and the cables were stuck to her side with micropore tape and a clip on her shoulder.  The fabric was a stretch sequin with added stoning. She looked amazing and loved the dress so much Vicky made her another one in red for the second half. The dresses also stretched though as they were worn for long periods of time rather than just the 2 minutes of a dance. The first adjustment I made was to herringbone stitch in some elastic down the open back. Later on I took the seams in around the waist and a small amount in the seams between the sleeves and the chest as it had grown quite baggy there. Even the sleeve length stretched so I had to trim off 2 inches at the cuffs. The last alteration was a flesh coloured elastic strap from shoulder to shoulder hidden by her hair. This was to stop the shoulders of the dress slipping off her shoulders. Reading that back it sounds like quite a lot but they were fairly quick and easy alterations and thats always the best kind I find.

Zoe Ball



  1. Wow - is there anything you don't know about dressmaking and seamstressing, Mo??? That black dress is FABULOUS - I would love to see it in red!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Hi there-what a divinely stunning dress my dear!!

  3. I love how different your blog is! I had fantasies once of doing costume design,until I did work experience at our Court Theatre and realised I couldn't deal with the pressure!
    Love that jade frock.Dealing with issues like weight loss,and whatever other issues mean alterations must really stretch your talents and imagination!!!

  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by,you are talented,that black dress is gorgeous.

  5. Wowww loving the black dress, how sexy is it from the back?! Looking forward to more backstage pics x


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