Friday, 22 April 2011

Questions and Answers

For the first time in ages I am not working at Easter. For the last two years I have been on tour with Dancing on ice at this time of year and other shows before that. This year I will be going to Wembley Arena again but to watch the show. I shall be wearing a guest pass rather than an Access all areas laminate and I am quite happy with that.

So for now I am sat in my nice new flat with my feet up. I have had the time to do a few things like make these cushion covers with fabric I bought in South Africa on the Mamma Mia International tour years ago. On Easter Sunday I plan to slob out eating chocolate instead of the usual two shows a day.

 I thought today would be a good time to address a few of the comments and questions I have had recently on my blog, so here goes.

 Leangel at cakes and bakesni

Thank you for the  nice words about my trunk (ooh er!) Your baking cupboards look amazing, you have so much kit it’s awe inspiring.

You have made me want to see the Royal Ballet too now and make my own comparisons, I’m intrigued.

The understanding that I have about the casts changing in ballet is to avoid injury. Someone may dance a smaller role for a few shows then a more challenging one . If the harder roles are spread between the dancers there is less wear and tear on their bodies.

Helga at helgavontrollop

I have had occasional problems with altering costumes due to weight loss and the opposite, replacing zips is often a consequence of this. It tends to be the costume being shrunk or ruined by washing or drycleaners that causes the biggest headaches, I have spent many hours trying to stretch things out to their original size again. 

Happy Easter everyone, I hope yours is as chilled as mine.


  1. thanks for the lovely blog comment. Your blog's so interesting! From now on I'm going to be an avid follower x

  2. Those cushions are wonderfully cheerful! Hope you had a relaxing Easter and ate loads of chocolate. xxx

  3. beautiful cushions amor.
    Hope you had a great Easter.
    thanks for stopping by.

  4. Love the cushions, they look great! Have a nice relaxing easter!!

  5. Hi my dear-sounds like you had a relaxing lovely Easter and the cushions are fabulous! xx

  6. Lovely cushions. I hope you enjoyed your break xx


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