Saturday, 12 March 2011

Touring bonus

Apologies for not posting recently, I am in the throes of moving abode. I'm treating it as an extra special load out and load in.  Most things are packed or ordered for delivery so we are in high spirits. Both my fella and I have a love of old things so we are trying to furnish the place with second hand goodies. Which brings me to the subject of this post. This is slightly off piste as far as costumes go but if you like being thrifty stay with me. 

Great finds in Belfast

On the rare days off on tour I will often make a dash around the city centre visiting charity and vintage shops. As we go to the same cities often I have a few favourites. For instance Belfast has a great Oxfam bookshop. Newcastle has an amazing vintage shop called Attica and Nottingham has great charity and vintage shops. Manchester's Oldham Street is close to our hotel so I always pop along there too.

I have a Lloyd loom ottoman that was my parents wedding present and I found this laundry basket to match in a Nottingham charity shop near the arena. It had a photo in the bottom with the caption 'India 1942'.

Found in my Lloyd loom

This year Strictly visited Dublin for the first time. I fell in love with that city after spending 7 weeks there  with Mama Mia years ago and it didn't let me down this time. I bought 2 skirts and a very funky blouse from a charity shop there. Plus 2 dresses from a vintage shop called Harlequin which had 3 floors and a very friendly owner.

Dublin swag

Considering many high streets in this country are identical I get a real buzz being able to visit these one off places around the country. My next 2 jobs are London based and considering my new home has 2 charity shops a 5 minute walk away and one sells furniture, I shan't be missing touring just yet!


  1. A job in which you can tour the charity shops of UK and Ireland, what a dream! Good luck with moving, I always think it is so exciting. Won't you have fun unpacking all your things into your new home x

  2. Good luck with the move!
    A shiver went down my spine on hearing you unearthed that fabulous photograph from within the ottoman. I love finding things like that.
    Great finds, you can't beat a charity shop in a different town. xxx

  3. Ooh that skirt looks gorgeous - more pics please!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Hi my dear!! Love the Lloyd Loom, what a gorgeous find, it must be great to get to visit so many stunning different places, lucky you!! Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes regarding my new venture, they are sincerely appreciated! Hope you are having a good week too and thanks once again xxx

  5. No way we have a near exact same linen basket like that!! Good luck with the move x


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