Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Agony and Ecstasy A year with English National Ballet

Swan Lake
picture from ENB website

A brief posting while I am still in the middle of unpacking in the new flat and working on English national Ballet's Swan Lake at the Coliseum.

Those of you who have access to BBC4 or the Iplayer I implore you please, please, please watch the 3 part documentary about ENB. To see what those dancers go through on a daily basis is astonishing, you will be enraptured.
I have seen the first two episodes and am desperate to find time to watch the third. Then I shall get back to some proper blogging. I haven't finished talking about Strictly yet for heaven's sake!

Do tell me what you think of the programme too. 


  1. I went to see Swan Lake at the Coliseum last night, it was wonderful. I didn't think the waltz scene was as good as the Royal Ballet, but the swan sections were incredible. x

  2. Oh brilliant I will check this out I love the ballet! x

  3. Oh I wish I could watch it - it's not available to viewers outside the UK. Bummer! Show us some of your own pitures??

    Sarah xxx


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