Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Zealand

One of the wonderful paintings in the museum at Auckland

I have been extremely lucky in my career working in wardrobe to visit many places around the world. Last year French and Saunders ended their tour in New Zealand. We only played Auckland so we didn't have time to see the rest of the country. The small amount I saw and the people I spoke to  made me wish to go back sometime in the not to distant future.
We are all aware that it is a week since the devastating earthquake hit Christchurch.  So this is just me taking a moment to send my love to New Zealand.


  1. What an immensely powerful image. I'd love to go to NZ. xxx

  2. Via your commenting on my blog,I have discovered your fascinating and very different blog!!! I have always been fascinated with costuming!!
    Than ks for popping by,I look forward to reading more of your goings on!

  3. What a warm reminder that we are all connecting and our blogs are a great way to reach out, and share.

    Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I look forward in learning more about your "traveling wardrobe." -Bella Q
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