Thursday, 3 March 2011

It's all in the details!

The picture above is of Ola Jordan and Colin Jackson in their latin costumes.
The body of Colin's shirt was sheer to show off his perfect athletes body. The cuffs look long here but I think the cufflinks hadn't been fastened yet.
Ola's costume had the fringe cascade in to a V shape front and back. This could be achieved by sewing the fringe on at an angle but apart from the top layer each piece was glued on separately. This creates a much more even waterfall effect rather than rows of fringing. The effect when she was moving even just walking was mesmerizing.

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One of my favourite costumes this year for pure sparkle value was one of Aliona's. The body was completely stoned and the skirt a mass of Navy and black ruffles. It was extremely heavy, these kind of costumes are usually hung over the hanger like a pair of trousers or from the gusset so that the weight isn't all on the shoulder straps. Hanging loops are too much of a risk as they could poke through and be seen. I can't seem to find a good photo of the front but I will keep looking.


  1. There seems to be so much work and attention to detail- I wouldn't have paid attention to it, but watching the stage could probably feel it. -Bella Q
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  2. Hi Mo,
    I know this is a strange request but later this month we want to present Colin with some advanced technology sportwear for his feedback. We were in the process of guessing his sizes prior to creating his kit but if it was at all possible, could you please give me a clue rather than us trying to analyse his stats and/or photographs? Actually, thinking abut it, it might be that this cutting edge technology is suited to costume designers/wardrobe managers so please let me know if you'd like more info.
    Very best wishes,


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