Thursday, 3 February 2011

Up in arms

One of the great bonuses about my job and constantly working with new people is picking up tips for use in my home life. Vicky Gill who designed the Strictly tour this year gave me a great tip that I want to share with you. 

Many women prefer to keep their arms covered for various reasons so shopping for dresses can be limiting when sleeveless dresses are in style. We made some very simple sleeves to add to a sleeveless dress for one of our singers. 

With the fabric at double thickness, the fold is on the right of this picture we cut a simple rectangular shape. A rough armhole shape at the top right corner and a curve at the bottom left corner. We used a Georgette which needed hemming but you could use a non fraying fabric and lessen the amount of sewing.

After hemming the edges the sleeve was hand sewn to the armhole of the dress with the opening at the top shoulder seam.

We then put a couple of stitches near the shoulder, elbow and wrist. To finish off I put a glossy button as decoration on the elbow and a small elastic loop for the finger.

Voila a glamourous and easy sleeve.

An even easier sleeve would be the shape below.

Sew with the opening at the bottom and just let it drape. The only measurement you need is from your shoulder to wherever you want the sleeve the finish. 

Sorry I don't have any before pictures there really wasn't any time.

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  1. What a simple transformation. I've got lots of friends with hang-ups about showing their arms. x


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