Monday, 28 February 2011

two tutus!

Slight deviation from my Strictly come dancing posts as I had a days work back with English National Ballet today. I love working there, the team are so lovely and the wardrobe is so organized. Look at those boxes of fastenings above, it makes me weak with joy. 

Today we were maintaining tutus, most of the day was spent sewing new bodices on to existing tutu skirts. Hand sewing along the line of the pins, keeping the stitches small and neat but strong. These tutus will go through a lot of wear and tear. It was quite awkward to sew some parts as we would be sewing through the waistband too and as they are quite wide we get into a tangle sometimes.

one of my colleagues getting to grips with the situation.

 It took me much of the day to sew two bodices to their skirts. Then I moved onto attaching new fastenings to the skirts. The costumes were fitted to the dancers last week in anticipation of the coming season.

I also had to unpick this lovely piece of bling from the front of a bodice for use elsewhere.
I had a lovely day back at the ballet, catching up. All being well I should be seeing them again soon. As for now back to finishing my Strictly posts. I still have plenty to show and tell there.


  1. Hi there-sounds a lot of hard but enjoyable work my dear! Thanks for your lovely comment, I keep my winter coats and jackets in one wardrobe, which is now full-I've no more space for anything in there, lol!

  2. that so cool!
    thanks for following and commenting amor.


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