Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mrs Suds in the Laundry room with the pliers

 One of the things about touring that often surprises people is that we take washing machines on the road. On this tour we have two, one is a regular domestic machine the other a larger American style toploader. Some venues have their own machines and we use these too when possible. 

Wembley arena
london 02

Our machines are the ones in the black cases on wheels.
These venues were never designed for our kind of show and often are sports arenas so hand-washing is a challenge. We have a spinner but few places have a decent size sink. We often wind up in the toilets with small sinks, awkward taps and no space to swing a cat.

London 02
Here are two of my wonderful assistants, Bryony and Esra hand-washing thousands of pounds worth of dresses in a shower room at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast

To make up for the small sinks we bought a large plastic bin, perfect for large items. some of which can only be partly washed. We also have to be careful drying the costumes. We tour a large hotbox but found that some of the moulded bra cups loose their shape when put in there so we drip dry most things and hurry the process on with a hairdryer if it is going too close to show time. 

Our trusty hot box for drying items that can not be tumble dried, which is most of our costumes!

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