Friday, 11 February 2011

Another suitcase another tour

Spending weeks at a time living out of a suitcase can be very trying. As we are often only in one place for a couple of days, packing is a constant ritual. One of the ways I make this easier is to put my smaller items in individual toiletry bags. This means I can find everything I need in an instant and repack just as quickly.

I have a bag for toiletries needed in the bathroom and those I need on the dressing table. My underwear is split over two bags. My electrical chargers in another and I have a small one for by the bed. This contains an alarm clock, lavender oil, earplugs and night nurse. 

It may all look rather obsessive but it has definitely revolutionized my touring.

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  1. Wow that is organised, but yep I guess you would go crazy if you didn't! Thank you for your lovely supportive comment on my RA post too x


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