Sunday, 9 January 2011

Goodbye to home once again

A rather self indulgent post here but as I packed my case today and get nearer the point of hitting the road again, I get to feeling all homely and nesty (is that a word?) 
So among the obvious things that I will miss like my fella, my own bed and having my whole wardrobe at my disposal not just one suitcase of clothing. Is the extraordinary flower bed near my home.

I nicknamed her Nessie, unimaginative but fitting I'm sure you will agree. She appeared last spring and has brought me such pleasure, I smile at every daily sighting. 
She started off as the above picture. Once the rest of her bedding plants were planted they grew in waves of blue and white.

She looked so majestic and caught every ones attention.
Sadly she was vandalized one night but the Southwark gardening team brought her back not just to her former glory but she had grown.

Nessie took the December snowfall in her stride, or should that be stroke? Whichever it is she continued to make me smile.

Sadly she had taken a knock again on Friday but I know the marvelous Southwark team will resurrect her and as i get home exhausted at the end of this years Strictly come dancing tour, she will greet me and make me so glad to be home.


  1. I love Nessie, what a fabulous display. I bet you have a smile on your face whenever you spot her.
    Have fun on your trip. xxx


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