Monday, 10 January 2011

Fittings & happy feet

It is the first week of january and the first proper week of work for the Strictly come dancing 2011 tour. I had a few meetings in December and a couple of days going through what is in storage but it was just the odd day in-between other jobs. 
We had first fittings with all the dancers at the rehearsal rooms. DSI are the company who are making most of the costumes for the tour. They have made costumes for almost everyone before either on the TV show or previous tours and know their body shapes intimately. So thankfully on the whole the fittings went very well.
This was also my first chance to meet this years celebrities. Everyone seemed very nice, excited about the tour and more importantly happy with their costumes. 

Mind you i haven't met Anne Widdecombe yet as she wasn't available for rehearsals!

One of the biggest headaches with Strictly is the shoes. For those fresh off the TV show we know what sizes and styles work best but for those who haven't danced for a while it can be a problem. The shoes are made in several styles, have several heel heights, widths, fabrics and colours. They will stretch with wear and most dancers will get through a couple of pairs a tour. So getting the right combination can be difficult, not to mention expensive. 

With the first fittings done the costumes are whisked back to DSI and worked on further. Then whatever is finished by Monday morning is sent over to me to pack in the flight cases for delivery to our first venue.  The rest will arrive with our designer on Tuesday. Then the fun really begins ...


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  2. Ooooh can't wait for the behind the scenes Strictly posts. I'll pass your link onto my old boss who was a Strictly fanatic!


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