Sunday, 30 January 2011

Copy that!

In my 20 plus years working in this industry I have mostly worked in theatre. So when I first worked for Phil Mcintyre Entertainment who predominantly play large arenas, I wasn't used to their way of working. They operate very much like rock n roll gigs. Indeed most of the crew are from that world so they are thrown when they suddenly find themselves surrounded by sparkly frocks and lots of female crew (wardrobe and hair & make-up).

In theatre there is usually a tanoy system. people are called over the speakers and you can hear the show over it. In rock n roll you don't have that. Often you can hear the show it is so loud but we do carry radios. 
It occurred to me recently when I heard another rock n roll slang term that maybe I should share some of them with you.

The conversation the other day involved somebody being called on the radio, the reply was that they were in the echo chamber and would be out soon. The echo chamber it turns out is the toilet!

The venue is referred to as The House, the area where we have our quick change booths is Quick change village and the carpenters hang out in Chippy world. 

The video and camera guys are known affectionatly as Videots. The head of each department is The Chief and the artists are The Talent.

If you are seen wearing your laminated AAA pass outside of the venue it is known as laminate crime. 

We travel mostly on a sleeper bus, this has 16 bunks a small lounge upstairs, chairs and tables for 8 downstairs. a small kitchen and a toilet. When we have finished a load out, had a shower in the venue and everyone is on we tell our driver, "we are a bus" and off we go to the next city.

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