Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tales from a boathouse!

I talked about a photo shoot on the hottest day of the year for the Theatre production of Brief Encounter in my last post. Some weeks later I met the actors again for a piece of filming on a much colder day. Some of the film footage used in the play was to be reshot, this involved a river boat scene and the leading lady playing the piano (not at the same time!).

Arriving in Richmond at 7am with all the costumes and Anna the make-up artist we were the first to arrive. Eventually the rest of the crew arrived and crucially the keyholder of the boathouse that we were to use as a dressing room. I have set up in strange areas before but nowhere quite like this. I think the pictures tell quite an accurate story. We had of course been told there would be a mirror and somewhere to hang things. This wasn't the case, Anna managed in poor light to do a very professional job and I precariously hung my costumes off of various bits of wood above our heads. 

I didn't mention to my colleagues about the rat i saw while they were occupied until after we had left the boathouse.

I really felt for the actors during this cold September morning, out on the river rowing hard for take after take. It was supposed to be over quite quickly but for reasons i don't understand we ran over time by a long way.

After we had finished filming in Richmond we moved on to some studios in Waterloo. Using green screen techniques the actress Hannah Yelland had to recreate playing the piano for the final scene of the play. Her hands wouldn't be seen so she played a wooden desk.

I really wish i could have seen the production it looks wonderful. If you are in the New York area it is playing until 2nd January 2011. Do tell me if you go and what you think.

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