Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Brief Encounter for Vogue

A few years ago Knee High theatre company mounted a theatrical production of the film Brief encounter. It was played out in a cinema with a mixture of stage actors and film footage. the production was a huge success, toured the UK and played in America too. It is currently doing another long run in New York. I was involved in a one day photo shoot for American Vogue to promote the show. 

I collected the costumes and turned up at a street corner in Covent Garden with the phone number of my contact. One by one hair stylist, make-up artist, stylist, photographer and his assistants turned up. As did a large Winnebago. This was our dressing room. I set out and steamed the costumes, the actors arrived and hair and make-up did their thing. 

The female character had a very lovely 1940's wool suit and silk blouse. The gent a three piece suit and overcoat. This of course turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far, it was a hard day for them but they were very professional. We were right in Covent Garden piazza as apparently it had the look of an old railway station and the logistics of filming in an actual station were too complicated. The public were naturally baffled at what we were doing but many took photos anyway. 

The piece was for the September issue so i was quite excited about working on such a famous magazine and I thoroughly enjoyed the days work. I have to say though that getting paid has been a nightmare and five months later the matter is still not settled. To be so slack in paying a freelancer for their work is beyond me. It may be a trifle amount to such a large organization as Conde Nast but a days pay to a freelancer is vital. It has really soured what was otherwise a lovely job.

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