Sunday, 28 November 2010

A final few words about Dancing on Ice

I have written a lot about the opening of this show as it was quite special. I don't have any photos of the rest of the show as i was always runing around too much to take any. As head of wardrobe once the show had started I would help Christopher Dean in his costume changes and Jayne Torvil with some of her changes too. In between those i would be catching up on paperwork and emails, ordering more tights etc. I would also try to tackle any repairs so that we had less to do the following day. Most of the costumes have to be handwashed so if they weren't being worn in the curtain call I or one of the team would set to and wash. On a load out day I would start to pack the roadcases as soon as the show had started. I could pack any clothes the judges and host weren't wearing that night ( they always have a choice of outfits). Then act one and most of our equipment would be packed. So by the time the show came down we only had to pack what was on the artists backs. The sooner we are packed up we can get on the bus and have a beer or get back to the hotel. If we are packed quickly it helps the smooth running of the load out for everyone else too. Wardrobe and catering are usually loaded on to the first truck. In some venues were the parking is limited if our truck is slow it has a knock on effect for the other departments.

As with any of the performing arts the costumes have their own requirements and an ice show is no different. Many hours are spent putting 20 inch zips in the inside leg of the mens trousers. These reach from the ankle to just above the knee and is done so that the trousers can be removed over the skates for a quick change. The ladies costumes are usually built around a leotard with small hooks and bars usually used as fastenings. Accessories might be armbands and necklaces but are usually kept to a minimum. Items that could get caught on a partner during a lift or fall onto the ice and become a hazard are best left off.

After the tour i took a little time off and then spent the summer working at The Old Vic theatre in Waterloo. It was a double bill of Shakespeare and i had a wonderful time. More on that soon...


  1. What a wonderful job! That sounds like my dream.Mind you, I'd be trying on all the clothes before the celebs got there. Thanks for the kind comment,Mo, it's lovely to meet

  2. Thanks Vix love reading your blog x


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