Thursday, 21 January 2010

Strictly arrives

The first week of Strictly has gone in a flash, walking into the Manchester arena collecting my laminated access all areas pass and itinerary ( a little booklet that tells us where and when we are playing and staying) I hit the ground running. A shoe delivery was arriving at the same time. Any dancers reading this will be aware of the many different styles of dance shoe, the differing heel heights and shoe widths. This year we have even more styles than ever. The second act opens with a Charleston, for this the girls wear a low heeled T-bar style shoe that has a pattern in sparkle stones on the front.

The mens shoes are equally complex, tango, tango duo and spanish tango are just a few. These shoes wear out very quickly so we have to anticipate what will be needed in plenty of time to order them and work out which venue they should be posted to . We have a series of calf and nubucks in black, navy and brown but my favourites have to be the black/white patent duo.

So the shoes arrived and were checked against the long long list, then the fun really began. The process of setting up dressing rooms and the backstage quick change areas making sure we have all accessories and everyone knows where and when they will be changing. Then the dress rehearsals began . . .

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