Friday, 29 January 2010

Lets go crazy

The tour this year opens with a jive by the ten professional dancers. Performing to Lets go crazy by Prince, played by the phenomenal Strictly band. The costumes are vibrant red and black. The gents shirts are all red with a black stripe insert in a different place for each dancer. The shirts are stoned red and black and worn with latin style black trousers and a black calf latin shoe.

The five ladies are in red leotards, that all have a unique arrangement of straps and necklines. All have fringing of various types that adds to the movement. Industrial strength fishnets by Capezio, these tights have amazing hold i usually order them from They can also be found in most dance shops. At over £20 a pair they are not cheap but worth every penny due to their durability.These are topped off with a tan satin latin shoe



  1. I bet that's a really pumped and energised opener! I always meant to ask you - the picture of the wardrobes that are at the top of the blog; i notice that they have 'face the music' written on them. Did you do Torvill and Dean's Face The Music tour, and are they from that?

    from @beatlegirl63 :)

  2. The cases are from that era but i didn't work on that. They are owned by the production company Phil Mcintyre Entertainments.

  3. Ah I see! perhaps they are from the show then! I'm a sucker for old stuff that can pinpoint events in time. Bit odd really!

  4. I will be getting married next year and my fiance and I would love to wow our guests by reproducing the style and elegance of Iand and Natalie's Hallelujah/let die dance. I would in particular love to wear a dress that lights up as Natlaie's did. Please could you point me in the right direction.

  5. So sorry Mitch to have taken so long to reply. Our skirt with the lights was made by costume makers. The lights were made by a lighting company but you could do something similar with battery operated fairy lights. We put 2 sets in that crossed over eachother so if the batteries died on one the skirt still lit up. The waistband had large hooks and bars then we fastened the rest of the skirt with magnets. Hope this helps. Mo


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