Sunday, 10 January 2010

Getting it together

So the first week of Rehearsals in London is done. I got to see a little of the group number and it looks like fun. Everyone seems excited about the tour and looking forward to taking the show on the road. We had a day of fittings and i have to say there are some splendid things to come. I wish i could say more but i have to keep tightlipped until we are open.

Most of my week has been spent getting my kit together, attending fittings at the rehearsal room and booking dressers. We hire two dressers to assist us in each venue. They help to dress the performers before and during the show and collect the laundry at the end. Having toured the UK for many years i have many professionals around the country i can call on. They are all very experienced and it's a tonic to see them when we turn up tired and frazzled at each venue. Dressing is quite straightforward but it is always surprising to me how many people don't have the sense they were born with. So these ladies are worth their weight in gold.

I'm typing this on the train to Manchester our first venue having spent the morning at the store loading the truck with the roadcases. Catching up with my three assistants and what they have been up to since we were all last together. We have all done the strictly tour at least once before so i am banking on a smooth tour. Famous last words? I hope not.

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